I am so sorry that I have not been Blogging or posting anything in the last years. So much has gone on. From fighting cancer doing cemo and then finding out I was having a baby during cemo and bring a lovly little girl to the world. So know lets get back to scrapbooking.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Design Team Casting Call for Above Rubies Studio

I am excited to say that I have entered my application to try to be a Designer on Above Rubies Studio! This are the Scraps and Crafts that I submitted for them to look at. Let me know what you think. I had to submit two scrapbook layouts, one card, and three showin' off!

These layouts are two from an album I made for a co-workers daughter for her Graduation album. I loved the pictures that he gave to work with and If I do say so my-self it came out pretty good.

This card was one I made for a dear friend that got married. I was not able to go but she did call me the next day and said she loved to card and every one just couldn't stop talking about it.

This album was made for a silent auction at Crayar Int. for the Life Skills Class that I worked at. All the kids brought to school two main dishes, two side dishes, and two dessert recipes. I had fun making all the pages. ( It went for $55 )

Here are two picture frames that I just love. I really like making these kinds of frames; I think it just makes the pictures look so much better. The first is my family. Every year about February we go take a family picture and every year I have to make a new frame that is better then the last one. The second one I made it for a co-worker that was going through thing. I just wanted to show her that we all were and are still here for her.

And last but not least. This is a CD album I made for a wedding. I love how the front cover came out. The bride and groom I drew and added flowers for the brides dress. You really can't see the veil on the bride. It is just a small peace of tulle .This will be one of the items that I will be selling on Etsy on Feb. 15. I hope you liked all the scrap and craft pictures.

OK then love ya


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  1. Good luck! It would be so cool if we both were chosen!